COVID-19 Update

All testing centers within the United States and Canada have closed for a period of 30 days, starting on March 17, 2020 through April 16, 2020.

This is how the change will affect you:

  • All candidate exam sessions scheduled between March 18 and April 16 have been cancelled.
  • Candidates can currently schedule into any open sessions after April 16th.

Although testing at our site has been temporarily suspended, we encourage you to continue to submit your application for processing.  Application processing will continue throughout this time and you will be able to schedule your exam into any open session after April 16th.

As further developments occur we will keep you updated. 

Annual Renewal


After your initial certification, you must pay an annual renewal fee to maintain your credential.  Fees vary by credential.  A renewal notice will be mailed to your address on file in advance of your renewal date.  After your initial certification and first annual renewal, you will move to a two-year recertification cycle.  You will have the option of paying your renewal fee on an annual or biennial basis.




MCB requires recertification every two years in order to maintain the high standards of professional practice and to assure that certified professionals remain up to date in the field.  A recertification application packet will be mailed to your address on file in advance of your recertification date.  Recertification will correspond with your annual renewal date every second year.

To be recertified, you need to:

  1. Hold a current credential issued by MCB that is in good standing;
  2. Complete approved continuing education related to domains specific to your credential (including six hours in professional ethics and responsibilities). Credits must be earned within the past two year certification period; 
  3. Complete a Recertification Application;
  4. Verify that you have reviewed, read and will uphold in your practice, the current MCB Code of Ethical Conduct specific to your credential;
  5. Verify that you have not violated the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct specific to your credential;
  6. Verify that you have practiced within the scope of all relevant statutes, rules, and standards relevant to your credential;
  7. Pay your annual or biennial renewal fee.

Recertification Packet