Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professionals

Co-occurring disorders refer to disorders, such as addiction and mental illness, that occur and interact with one another.  Evidence has shown a greater success when treatment for co-occurring disorders is provided in an integrated manner.  The Minnesota Certification Board offers two credentials that demonstrate an individual's competence in providing integrating integrated care for clients with co-occurring disorders.  Both credentials are offered at the IC&RC reciprocal level.


Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional (CCDP)

This certification demonstrate the competency to provide integrated care for co-occurring disorders.  This certification requires a Bachelors-level education as well as experience and supervision in the field co-occurring disorders.

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Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional - Diplomate (CCDPD)

The CCDP-D is the advanced level of co-occurring disorders certification, requiring a Master’s degree or higher.  Additional requirements include specific experience and supervision in the treatment of co-occurring disorders.  Individuals looking to advance their counseling skills and careers would do well to obtain this certification.

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